Funding criteria

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Small grants, e.g. £500 and larger grants e.g. £1,000 and up to £5,000 in exceptional circumstances, determined by the Board, are available.  This list is not exhaustive but items include:

  • Study of vocational or general education courses from Entry Level up to Level 4 (See eligible courses at
  • Tools or equipment for a job or qualification e.g. uniforms, knives, boots.
  • Part course and or tuition fees.
  • Childcare costs to support lone parents access education and training.
  • Residential – educational short courses.
  • Business Plan, Marketing and Consultations.
  • Special projects championed by the organisation
  • Business start-up planning/organisation
  • Materials, instruments or other equipment for cultural and performing arts projects.
  • Cultural arts Videos, conferences/seminars, exhibitions
  • Research to improve community relations
  • Supporting cultural exchange to improve community relations



This list is not exhaustive but will include:

  • Requests for retrospective grants
  • Requests for more than £5,000
  • Gap year or overseas projects
  • Non-vocational training courses not suitable for entry into employment. See for eligible qualifications.
  • Costs associated with Level 4 courses and above e.g. HNC, HND, degree or post graduate courses or courses of an equivalent level.